Swamp Witch

Swamp Witch

The movie "Swamp Witch" begins in the year 1910, when a young Jamaican woman is discovered having an affair with a British dignitary. His wife has a Voodoo Priestess of Obeah curse the young woman, which although making her immortal, creates a serious price to pay.
By day, the young woman Shona is her beautiful self. By night, she becomes a blood thirsty witch. She tries to flee the curse by sailing to America, but to no avail. After a hundred years of moving from place to place, she is now in present time and lives in a small Southern town.

Killings, disappearances, and fear grip the town. Only the local Sheriff and a beautiful CSI agent stand in the way of the killings, but time is running out.

The CSI agent, Hillary Poe, has her own set of problems. Her young son was kidnapped and disappeared a year ago, and she thinks the current disappearance of young children in Bent Creek may have a connection.

Her past appears to have caught up with her as they struggle to make sense of the unbelievable evidence. In a flashback, her former partner Detective McKnight interrogates a known drug dealer named Hernandez.

The local Mayor wants to be Governor, but the negative press about recent violence may prevent this so she rages against Sheriff Taylor.

Lack of results from the investigation brings out the disapproval of the entire town. Sheriff Taylor knows Shona is hiding something, but what?

It is a race against time to solve the case and save the town.

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Swamp Witch
  • Swamp Witch

    A young Jamaican girl Shona is cursed, making her immortal, but with a price. For over 100 years she travels the world trying to find a way to lift her curse. She settles in a small southern town in America. Suddenly there are disappearances and brutal killings so fear grips the citizens. It's up...